Equestrian Photography Myth

Most people think that equestrian photographers risk life and limb to capture high-flying horse shots. That our razor-sharp timing and keen eye bring you breathtaking images from around the equestrian world. Well in fact it’s all a myth. It’s horse sh**!

Now we photographers just sit back and push buttons.

How it happens;

Upon arrival to our studios, from a catalog, riders select the pose, angle and the background they want to appear in. During this process horses wait in the Green room with a buffet of hay, grain and cookies served by our staff of nutritionists. Meanwhile in the studio the crew set up a skeleton oxer which will later be animated into a decorative jump, again chosen from a catalog. The wall will later be morphed into a natural outdoor setting of any equestrian arena from around the world… again, the catalog.

We learned that too much time was wasted by the horse and rider actually trying to jump, so 10,000 air jets are built into the floor and are used to gently lift the team up into the air above the oxer. Invisible wires are used to guide and place both horse and rider, thus guaranteeing that we capture the “good side” of any team.

CLICK! Photo now taken, with Mimosa’s in hand, we head over to the “Pit” and work with the animation team to create the exact look desired and voilà, our job is done and we never had to step outside.   The End

In fact equestrian photographers would never want to be in a studio. We live for the beauty and excitement of a horse in movement, in action, but the air jets would certainly be cool!

Tom von Kapherr 

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