~About~ Back Home in Bromont


Welcome to Back Home in Bromont.

I’m Tom von Kap-herr, photographer and publisher of BHiB. In 2013, I moved back to Bromont, Quebec, returning to my roots. In the summer of 2014, I became the official photographer at the Bromont Equestrian Park bringing you all the action as it happens – Show Jumping, Hunter, Driving and Dressage.


Back Home in Bromont has grown from a photography blog to a site reaching international audiences with all the equestrian event news from Quebec.


I am also the Official photographer for the ACEQ Extreme Cowboy Association of Quebec.


You can view and buy photos of all the events and other photography online at  www.tomvonkapherrphotography.com

Press photos will also be available daily. If you would like to join our posting list, just send us a note. Our rates are reasonable and our products have pleased many clients.


You can find us on; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus

Victory Haiku

9 comments on “~About~ Back Home in Bromont

    • Thank you so much. With every event, I am always filled with amazement at the talent and dedication these riders and horses have. Whether it’s the at the Regional level or the International events, the common thread is the love they have for each other. 🙂

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  1. TVK…

    I was cleaning up and came across your dad’s translation of zweig’s Legends… from 2002 !

    you’re writing these days; maybe you could update his English for him.

    good to see you’re busy over there; some excellent horsey shots and cute kitties.

    I’m still at 97 massey street, doing much the same as I always have: avoiding anything that looks like work, showing up at gigs and auditions to make rent money when I need it.

    say hi the your dad if he’s still topside!


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    • HI, Clown. Nice to hear some things never change. I miss you. Dad is still topside and in fact will be releasing a book in a few weeks! (Yes, major editing work) He even has a blog! You can visit it at https://gvonkapherr.wordpress.com/
      I must make a trip up to Toronto and visit. OR, get you down here in the spring and rekindle Easter traditions. 😉


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