22 comments on “Things you hear after you take a fall

  1. I used to ride a very naughty pony which used to put its head between it’s legs and bronk down the longside. Never came off him doing that.
    One time during a lesson he stumbled slightly and I went over his shoulder. Everyone just looked at me and asked what I was doing on the floor!

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  2. Since I don’t ride I haven’t had the problem. Walking is difficult for me right now.
    But my favorite line is the one from the horse. Sounds a lot like something a cat would say.


  3. I remember doing a jump about a 110 cm high. I was on a small enough pony but she was the fastest little thing you’d ever see. She had the highest jump of them all too. She soared over the jump but put her head in between her knees and I went flying forward. I stayed on but I was just about to come off. It was scary when it happened but when you recover, I always find I end up laughing. I’m weird that way!

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