15 comments on “Howling at the Moon in Bromont

  1. That’s a nice view.

    Your unique exercise program will be available here in Colorado beginning tomorrow for a couple of days. It’ll be further intensified by the add-on known as bitter cold. 🙂

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    • LOL now Colorado is an honorable winter state. You get the real thing! We go into the deep freeze next week. Then for the rest of the month it will be near impossible to do any outdoor shoots. I have one on Monday and keeping my fingers crossed that the horses even want to go outside. 🙂


      • Tomorrow, the National Western Stock Show parade through downtown Denver has been cancelled because of the impending snow and bitter cold. They’re weren’t too worried about the “cattle drive” part (cattle and the cowboys), but were of the spectators and other parade participants. By next Monday, we’ll be back around 50. 🙂


      • I can imagine the driving will be pretty bad as well. Right now were sitting around 20, but next week we’ll average 0 to minus 20 for the rest of the month. The ground and snow get so hard and slippery it becomes dangerous for the horses.


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