11 comments on “Horses of the Mist…Snow

    • Thanks. The federal government pulled out of helping with the financing. Partially because previous events didn’t do well profit wise. Also we needed an indoor arena because of our weather. The goal was to keep 2018 in North America, so with it moving to Tryon in North Carolina it will still be a great event. We need an event like this to excite new riders and build Equestrian sports. Tryon is the perfect fit as they don’t need to build anything. So it’s a bit longer commute for me. 😉


      • I can understand the government pulling out of the public financing. Down here in the US, there is less appetite for public financing, including special sport/tourism taxes. The income from stadiums and arenas are marginal to begin with. We could use an indoor arena here in Colorado also. A project to build an indoor arena at Colorado Horse Park fell through 2 years ago precisely over financing. And, with a change in ownership, the likelihood of building an indoor arena are slim to none. Of the 4-5 indoor arenas we have in the state works best for training only. Equine sports here are slowly rebuilding, but a long way to go get it back to the 2005-07 level.


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