6 comments on “Beth Underhill Clinic

    • The bonnets or bug hats are all the rage now. You can order them custom made to match your saddle pads or jacket. It’s amazing. The rider had bought the “helmet visor” that day. I never saw one before. It velcros right around the helmet! Pretty cool. 🙂


  1. My daughters have a few customized bonnets for each of their horses. When they ride GP, they want their horses to look good as well with the coordinated colors and the tack. The helmet visor, I’d say that makes sense if a rider has a lot of sun to contend with. My girls favor polarized sunglasses in that case.

    In the last photo, though, it seems the grey does know what the script is and does need a refresher. He/she has that “please” look in the eyes. 🙂

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    • The helmet visor was due the day before, she got burnt! Red racoon look! 😀
      You’re right about the look. She does have that “please” expression.
      Think I’ll start making photographer bonnets! I coordinate with my camera straps. 😀

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