7 comments on “A Dangerous Sport

  1. Many don’t realize how difficult of a sport this is, and the amount of hours in training for both rider and horse. With my three daughters, I’ve seen them in tears when they haven’t been able to learn something right away and when they’ve taken spills in training and competition. Yet, I’ve seen them with broadest of smiles when things go right. As a parent, you wince when they take a fall , even wince when another rider falls. Fortunately, they haven’t suffered any serious injuries (mostly sprains) or concussions.

    Last season was one of their best when my girls rode nearly clean in all of their competitions. But, their coach/instructor stresses to them riding consistently matters as does the experience. The wins will follow.

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    • I can imagine being a parent must be very difficult on the sidelines. I’ve come to know many of the riders both junior and professional. I quietly click away and cringe at their falls and cheer inside when they ride clean. (So much for being objective) 🙂

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      • When they move up to a new fence height, you sort of don’t want to watch but you do. But, you adjust as they become more comfortable riding at the higher heights. With my girls riding grand prix at practically every horse show, they have developed no fear – that’s what they told me. 🙂

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      • LOL. You inspired me. First show this season I’m going to get one of my assistants to just shoot the parents. I know you have a small heart attack with every jump. 😀


      • Glad to know I inspired you, LOL.

        Though they’re closer to being professional these days, it is not as nerve wracking when they were novices and beginning juniors. A little less worry.

        Have a good weekend.


      • LOL, I have to do 2 parts. The novice parents and the professionals. I took a photo of a rider going over the final jump, winning the 1.50m Grand Prix. Her mother in the background was the first to jump up, waving her arms above her head and was perfectly positioned in the frame as if she were standing on the back of the horse in miniature.
        It’s very cute. (They later bought the original from me.) 😀


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