13 comments on “Happy Birthday Warrior Princess

    • For a second I though you were going to say “A long line of Frisians.”
      But that is cool. If you ever come to Quebec, I’ll rent you a period costume and we’ll get you on the back of Milady! Do a royal portrait of you. 🙂

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      • You are probably safe with that lovely offer, Tom…but you never know.
        Unfortunately my DNA test showed a few surprises but Frisian was not one of them. Italian and Russian were big surprises. And I’m 10% Italian and no one in the family seemed to remember.

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      • That’s interesting. I’m mostly German/Russian with a dash Italian! But we know who the culprit was. Pope Innocence the 11th. Apparently he had a thing for German women. (I didn’t know popes could do that) Alas no Frisian either. I like to think we owned them though, way back when. 🙂

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      • Obviously you haven’t seen the mini series on The Borgias.
        When I told a friend my 30th GGF was Pietro Candiano Doge of Venice ( a secular, elected office)he said next thing he knew I would say I was related to a Pope.
        What I have actually discovered ( unlike some of the particularly infamous popes) is that many nobles both men and women took holy orders later in life after they had families. So a pope, an abbott etc is not unusual.
        I’m hoping my people owned a few Frisians also.

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      • So your saying that now that I have had a family, I would now take my vows and go on a rampage of blood lust all in the name of God! (I saw the series, loved it!)
        Ancestry is fun. I actually have a title. I’m a baron from the Prussian nobility. Lucky we live in this time. I’m the second son, so I would have to kill my brother to inherit.
        My dad is working on the family history, (once he gets his book launched) It’s really interesting to see how promiscuous everyone was. 🙂

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  1. They seldom bothered to marry…or if they did it was for political alliancce and even the women had their “bit on the side”.
    Actually most of the ones who took holy orders did so to retire in peace and solitude away from all that blood lust. Women often took their dowries and would endow an abbey where she, of course, would be abbess and never have to submit to a man again.

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