13 comments on “Heels Down, Hooves Up

      • I am so looking forward to seeing the pics. I feel honored to have a small part in a new equestrian career. 😉
        And again thank you for the compliment of doing a double-take. When I aim my camera, I never look at the rider. It is always the horse. In many cases the 2 compliment each other or fire each other up. Like in this photo you can see the teamwork and intensity. “Heels Down” has become a common place term in the equestrian world, but I really think it should be “Heels Down, Hooves Up”. When I see that magic, all I have to do is snap the picture, the subjects do the rest. And yes, I do personify the horses. Hence why a lot of my captions are from the horses point of view. It’s what I really think they are saying. 🙂

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      • Love your perspective on so many levels. You seem to know your subjects so well that it seems you were born in a saddle or at least have spent a lot of time with the amazing horses/ riders. Love how you tie in the horse’s view. That connects us not only to the picture, but to the moment as well. What a gift, to be able to put your readers AT the event. Pretty cool.


      • *Blush* Thanks. I grew up in a family of animal lovers and we had horses growing up. Plus a lot of misfit rescue animals from donkeys, dogs, cats, chickens and duck right to a “house goat”.
        Animals are a very large part of my life. For example, I no idea how many cats are in the house at the moment. (I know there is only one dog)
        When I’m shooting an event, I become emotionally involved. I hold my breath, not so much to steady the camera, but more rooting for the horse to clear the jump. I also know enough about jumping that I can see things coming. So if you had your head next to mine, you can hear me whispering things like, “Oh no too soon!!!” or “Oh, you own this jump, I’ve seen you in practice.” again, never to the rider, but the horse.
        So I am glad my captions and comments help convey the moment I am showing and feeling.
        You’ve inspired me, I’m going to post one of my all time favorite shots from 2 years ago. All you have to do is look at the 2 faces and the story is right there! (But I’ll add a caption anyway) 😉

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      • Big smiles here. Crazy how easy things seem when you find your passion. How great to be so “in tune” with your calling. Can’t even thank whoever invented the camera all those years ago enough. Love cameras! The simple ability to press a button and preserve a split second forever!

        Inspired? Honored! 🙂

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      • I am amazed by your work. You bring inanimate objects to life. That’s something I can never do. Like the shot today. I love the atmosphere of the shed and the light streaming in. If I were there i’d just be looking for a light switch. 🙂

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