8 comments on “Viserys Targaryen and Nestley

      • Guess no more maintenance there.
        I don’t get the premium channels so I always have to wait for the “free preview weekends”.
        I did binge watch The White Queen….more because it was about my ancestors.
        Maybe I can do Game of Thrones from the beginning if it’s on Netflix…okay, I’ve added it to the queue and don’t tell me if the Sean Bean character has been killed off as he’s one of my all time heart throbs. Although I have seen pics of him in his role and he hasn’t aged well. (maybe in real life he has)


      • I love Sean Bean. A fantastic character actor. The first couple of seasons are a bit raunchy. Be warned. I’m not a fan of gratuitous sex scenes, I find it detracts from the story. But it’s HBO and I guess they wanted shock value. But it’s a very good series. Beautiful horses. 🙂


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