24 comments on “Outtakes – Caption this photo.

  1. As a teen in a 4H state show, and I went over the fence landing on the ground. I was fine but humiliated at the time. I use the story often now with my own daughter. When she is upset or crying in the arena. I tell it to her over and over to help her remember that it happens to everyone and it’s ok. Also, it’s ok to cry AND you have to go on with the show. I guess now looking back, I’m glad that happened to me and stayed so vividly in my memory because it taught me empathy and gave me an honest story to pass onto my daughter to help her through her challenging times in the arena.

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  2. When I was younger, I had gone over a jump and my balance was terrible right then and then my horse threw down his head a little bit and I went flying over his head and onto the ground, my first fall. This story helps me so much tho!!

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