22 comments on “Flying Through The Air with The Greatest of…Fashion Sense

    • She fell like a pro…which sounds strange, but riders learn how to fall.
      So other then a couple of bruises she walked away fine. Which prompted the gang in the barn all chanting “off to the hot tub!” 🙂


      • What!? Nooo. Trust me, it happens. Sometimes more often than we’d admit.
        It all starts out with your horse doing daily handstands on Monday mornings. (That’s where I’m at now.)
        Then, you get to enjoy the showring-spook-and-twirl-and-fling-little-rider-like-a-mitten-through-the-air.( Not there just yet.)
        Soon enough, both have mastered the art of going down. In dressage.


      • LOL, I was pulling your leg. I know dressage horses are the most skiddish horses I know. I dare not even breath when they go by, so as not to spook them. I watched one during the Championships, from out of know where, jumped sideways over the rail! Francine (the rider) told me afterward, she got lucky. She just happened to fall back on top of her horse. So it looked like she never lost her seat.
        Jumping falls, you can almost see it coming, dressage it happens in the blink of an eye. 😉


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