14 comments on “Chicken Judging at The Brome Fair 2015

    • I’ve captioned the photos if you click on them. Yes, the judge is from France and insisted I get a shot of the French Goose. A nasty, viscous bird that is used for pate and as a guard dog…goose. Then we finish off with the turkey, which I jokingly said are you taking that one out of the cage?…he did. 🙂

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      • Geese are pretty crazy. I used to live near some in college (they lived in a lake, not, like, the apartments next door haha).
        I used to teach a student who loved chickens. He knew all the different breeds and kept some at home. He’d love this!


      • All I know is I asked the judge if he was going to take one out of the cage and he laughed saying (with great French pride) “OH no, I don’t feel like losing a finger or eye today.” :-/

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  1. Isn’t there a saying like “don’t judge your chickens before they cluck”? That last photo looks like a turkey.


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