1. This is great set, fascinated me. Thank you dear Tom, reminded me something in the past. We were travelling by our car at the Aegean coast with my love in the past. And suddenly I noticed something while we were passing through a mountain village. And I wanted my love to stop. Actually he never likes to stop while going on the road. But this time he did. I run to the open street market and there were so lovely things, and most of them for horses… 🙂 The old man, seller asked me what kind of horse I had…. my love answered, “he doesn’t have!” 🙂 But we bought the sets for horses… They are in my village home for decoration… This is me, crazy me. But be sure, I loved so much this photograph and set, I would have bought too. Thanks again, love, nia

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  2. What a great challenge Tom, I’m sure that the project will have marvelous results and I’m more then looking forward to gaze upon those beautiful images of horses! Love the fact that it will be black and white, your nerves will melt away as soon you will take the first shot, believe me! GOOD LUCK and ENJOY!!!


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