11 comments on “Riders of The National Ring (Part 1)

  1. I want to live where I can lookout my window and see equine species roaming free. Two questions… are the horses treated well -and- what happens to them when they’re to old to race?? An inquiring mind wants to know! ~bridgette


    • Hi,
      Firstly, these are jumpers not racing horses. So most when they are too old to jump are used for breeding. In jumping, the bond that forms between a rider and horse is a large part of their success so most of the time they are beloved pets until the day they die.
      In terms of care, I will relate my favorite story. (happy ending) I was shooting an event last year and there was a major crash. (The horse and rider went through the jump rather than over).
      As the rider lay unconscious on the ground. (I was the first to get to her, as I was shooting right beside the jump) the horse was happily trotting around the ring. 6 people came charging into the ring, caught the horse and checked every inch to make sure he was ok.
      Eventually someone glanced over at us, the rider had now woken, and I heard the words drift across the ring, “She looks ok” The paramedics arrived just to make sure and other then a mild concussion and a bruised ego, life was good again. She glanced up at me and asked if her horse was ok, which I confirmed he was and her next words were, “Boy do I owe him an apology! I just had a brain fart.”
      So hopefully this gives you a vague idea of the type of treatment horses get in the equestrian world. (horses are worth more then riders. πŸ˜‰ )

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