11 comments on “Jump Reviews #9

  1. I thought maybe since the rider is so far forward, that he would be unbalanced on the decent. I am far from an expert and know nothing much about jumping. I have seen it practiced where I took riding lessons, but never tried it. I would think that he would have trouble getting back and balanced for the landing. I like these reviews. They are interesting to read.

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    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, It’s true that riders in this position are not balanced. Even the best riders have moments when they either get a little ahead of their horse or are left a bit behind by an unexpected take-off point. In this case, he jumped a little ahead and is leaning on his knees which has caused his entire balance to be off to the front of the horse. Perhaps this explains the horse’s ears being back.
      It will be more difficult for him to swing his leg forward to catch his weight before his landing. Fortunately for him, he has adequate experience to correct this before his horse reaches the ground but it would have been interesting to see a photo of the landing to see how he managed it.

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