3 comments on “Jump Reviews # 7

  1. You used professional words to describe what I was seeing. Compared to most of the other jumpers, she looks like a slob. Of course, sitting here typing in my jammies, I don’t have a lot of room to talk. 🙂


      • I would never use that word to describe any horse person, especially one who has reached this level of competition.

        I say that she is an avid horse person who loves the sport and loves riding. She has taken great care to make sure her tack is clean and her horse is clean. Considering the color of her horse, that is not an easy task. She is appropriately dressed for the ring. It’s unfortunate that she has left loose straps hanging, and they are very distracting from the ovreall picture, but she’s far from being a slob.

        A lot of time, money, training and preparation goes into getting to this level of competition. Someone who doesn’t take care of their horse and is not dedicated to practicing and improving their ability, balance, eye for the fence, and horsemanship day after day, in all kinds of weather, and whether they feel like it or not will never make it to the level this horse and rider combination have reached.

        The loose straps do not look tidy. Perhaps she was running late or had an inexperienced horse person helping her tack up the horse. I merely pointed them out as a reminder that riders should check their tack before getting on the horse.

        There is also the posibility that something happened and she had to borrow tack that was not a good fit for her horse. So very many things can go wrong when preparing for a horse show. I forgot my girth once, and another time I forgot my boots. Imagine my horror–and the extreme humor of everyone else–when I had to ride a course wearing hot pink rubber rain boots. And imagine what a field day the person writing a critique would have had with that photo.

        Unless a horse is dirty or obviously has not been maintained, or the rider is doing something clearly dangerous, my job is simply to point out what anyone can see in the photo, and what I say is meant to be helpful, not critical in any way. The loose straps are not dangerous, merely unattractive and at worst irritating to the horse.

        What I see in this photo is a great combination of horse and rider having an exciting go at the jumper course and loving every minute of it. The rider has better form than many I have seen, horse and rider are spotlessly clean, and they are both in good condition for the job at hand. I would place her as an upward rising amateur and encourage her to continue to enjoy what she is doing, both for the benefit of her self and her horse, and the benefit of equestrian sport. With her enthusiasm and dedication we may see her at much higher levels of competition in a few years.

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