One comment on “KNEES UP!

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    I adore this horse’s form over this fence! What a cutie! The knees are snapped up about as far as they can go and are so even you could put a serving platter on them, and the back legs are equally balanced from side to side. Two things could improve the overall look of this pair. First, the horse’s mane is out of control, even to the extent that it might get tangled in the rider’s hands and the reins. There is a reason for braiding or thinning the mane above the visual presentation. Second, the horse’s ears are tipped back rather than forward. This sometimes shows the horse is being attentative to the rider but more often is a sign of discomfort. I can’t tell from the photo which is the case, but I can say that there is a pretty tight rein and this rider is more than advanced enough to begin using a longer automatic release which would give her horse more freedom for the head. In fact, the rider is showing wonderful balance in this photo. Even though the horse is obviously giving this fence the jump it deserves, the rider is staying directly over the center of gravity, has her legs on the horse, stirrup well positioned on her foot, and is the perfect height out of the saddle. She’s stuck like a burr to the motion of her horse and is looking forward to the next fence. A highly competent pair.


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