5 comments on “Focused Stares

  1. I love the name “Aragon..” That big leader board looks unsettling from my little space of safety here, so I can’t imagine how it makes the riders feel. They must toughen up quick if they want to keep competing! How long does the Bromont International last?


    • LOL The sign is actually 30 ft. off the ground. But there is a loud speaker and announcers and a crowd of people in the stands.
      The International runs for three weeks and has horses and riders from all over the world. There are over 600 horses boarded for the three weeks. Four rings, two Hunter and two Jumping rings that start at 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
      Monday and Tuesday’s there is no competition, but there are teaching and training classes all day.
      This past summer, for the most part I was the sole photographer. Shooting only 3 frames per jump (on average) I was still racking up about 1,500 shots a day. 🙂


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