4 comments on “Quintessa Z

  1. Here we go, a “real” black horse…I think! I’ve been meaning to ask–are the horses at the competition all the same breed, for instance, Arabian? Thank you for replying to all my questions and sometimes inane replies between working with your 1300+ photographs, and good luck!


    • I promised you a black horse. 🙂 Oh and the 1,300 was nothing. It was the 9,000 during the International that nearly killed me. No the horses are all different breeds. The only thing they have in common is that they are not cheap. If you want to buy a Grand Prix level horse, you might get a deal and pay $500,000. 🙂

      There was a “true’ black at the Driving event. I just have to find her. Then I’ll post it for you.

      Never, ever, feel shy to ask me anything…well almost anything. I do have to maintain some air of mystery. 😉


      • Thank you for being so “open to question”(s!) and I agree it’s always best to reserve a little mystery in one’s life! I have never seen such exquisite horses in person, but am stunned at how much they are worth. We once had the pleasure of taking the famous drive around Lexington, Kentucky to view the gorgeous green horse farms. However, the road was a narrow, two-lane affair with no shoulder and only a rare turn-out to stop for a longer observation. Also, the natives tear up and down, risking your life and limb. The owners apparently fear letting anyone get too close to their magnificent treasures, so the horses were just a glimpse here and there. I guess that’s understandable, since thoroughbred racing is such a cutthroat business. Much better to attend an event like yours, where close-up admiration of all this equine beauty looks at least somewhat possible. And even better are your photographs, where all the horses and riders are caught and preserved at their peak. Thank you for looking for the true black from the Driving event. I look forward to seeing it. Are you planning to publish these photographs in a book? I’m sure it will be an expensive one, but I can at least start saving for it with some hope of success, unlike buying a Grand Prix horse!


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