12 comments on “Fun in the Mud

  1. That looks like so much fun to watch! I wouldn’t want to be the driver. I’ve always loved to look at beautiful horses and pet them but have a fear of riding. Only been on one a few times.


  2. I want to learn to drive so badly. Of course I just want to go for a leisurely drive. I am not very competitive. But, I would like to see a driving event sometime. More people around our part of Kansas is more into riding. Although I am sure there are some who do drive and can harness break. They are just hard to find.


      • Thank you I would appreciate it. I have checked online but I always come up with race cars. I definitely don’t want to drive one of those! I have found some information on driving, but they are in other states that are quite a ways away from her. I have found books on harness breaking and teaching to drive. They are interesting, but I am a hands on with help person. I don’t always comprehend when I read instructions. I learn faster when actually doing it. It is on my bucket list. Lol. There used to be people around that did drive, but they are too old now or passed on. I’ll learn one day.


      • Oh you are such a kind man. Thank you. Maybe one of our get aways, which aren’t too often, we can go to a driving competition. Hubby is not as into horses as I am, but he does like to look at them and watch them in action now and then. I will even catch him petting mine now and then.


      • Oooh! Thank you for that thought. I have not been to Canada since I was a baby. At least my Mom said I was at Niagra Falls when I was a baby. Lol, needless to say I don’t remember! Are you talking next June as next month or June 2015? Just to be clear.


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