25 comments on “Royal Canine at the International Bromont

      • I’m missing so much! If it weren’t for the fact that I have dogs and cats and a human, that the winters would kill me, and I don’t speak Canadian, I might consider moving to Bromont. 🙂


      • A lot of factors there. Maybe better to call Vickie and say you want to go to the next event in Florida. 🙂


      • Ah…my natural habitat. I spent a lot of years in the midwest and was as out of place as a northerner trying to live in Florida without air conditioning.


    • Thanks!
      It was probably the most fun AND the most difficult shots I’ve ever taken. Horses move at one speed and dogs, 5 times faster! I’m just glad I got enough in frame, let alone composition or even focus! 🙂


  1. Thank goodness I had read your warning blog before I looked at this one. I made sure the cat was outside and the shades were drawn before I looked at the d.o.g.s. 🙂


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