9 comments on “Bromont International CAI-2* Driving – Dressage

    • YES!!! I love it. What a difference! Thanks again for the advice. Mind you, it’s a little difficult to get the framing. I keep thinking I can open it up more than I can. Oh and I left the tripod in the car. Glad I did. 😀


      • You do have to adjust to the more limited field-of-view at 70mm if you are used to a zoom with a wider bottom end. If your body isn’t full frame, then the FOV at 70mm is narrower. I always carry two full-frame bodies: one with the 70-200mm, and one with a 17-40mm. Then my carry camera has a 50mm lens, so I’m well covered from 17mm to 200mm.


      • LOL, Mr. Professional. I carried both lenses and planned my positions accordingly, with time to change.
        I got a ways to go before I get to your level. 😉


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