10 comments on “Show Jumping Competition at CCI Three-Star Equestrian Event in Bromont Quebec

  1. Impressive ride. When we lived in Mardrid, Spain during the last half of the 1990’s, we would go to the Ecumad Horse Show, which had all kinds of interesting equestrian events and a lot of beautiful horses.


    • That must of been wonderful! The horse breeds in Europe are a lot more diverse, compared to here in North America.


      • I especially liked the Andalusian horses. They are so big and majestic. I could imagine how impressive the conquistadors would have looked on them.


      • Beautiful horses, but painful to ride! Unless you have long legs. They are pretty wide, if they are what I remember. But all those “war” horses are like freight trains. If they don’t clear a jump they go right through them! 🙂


      • I could see them plowing through a jump, but some of those Andalusians can jump. The had an event where the trainers would tell the horses to jump, and the horses would jump straight up in the air and kick their legs out at the apex of their great leap. They jumped at least 8, maybe 10 feet, above the ground.


      • BTW We had horses when I was a kid, and I rode all the time. We had a fast quarter horse, a big, ornery mutt gelding, shetland ponies, a burrow and a very tall, retired Tennessee Walker.


      • Same here! 🙂 We had a Hungarian Hunter a Tracainer a Pinto (my horse) and a mule that was more a family pet. We all rode but my sister was a serious rider. She rode professionally on the Grand Prix circuit back in the 80’s.


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